Online Competition Eligibily Criteria

  • INSPO is open to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students of all kind of high schools.
  • The projects are accepted just in the categories of Environment, Energy, Engineering and Health.
  • Each student is allowed to participate in the organization with only one project.
  • Teams are comprised of maximum 4 students.
  • Mentors are allowed to supervise more than one project.
  • Project registration will be executed through. ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM
  • Project report should include: abstract, objective(s), introduction, materials and methodology, conclusion, debate and references and be written in 12 point-font, single space, minimum 3-maximum 20 pages.
  • Students are supposed to make jury presentation through PPT (Powerpoint).
  • Competition committee refuses the responsibility of internet connection failure and other technical glitches inflicted from the presenter’s devices.
  • Projects are supposed to comply with the requirements of the category. Plagiarism is the main reason of the rejection of a project. The project should be original and not based on the idea and content of any project previously implemented.
  • All the projects are supposed to comply with ethical rules.
  • The competition will be organized online. The owner(s) of the project shortlisted to compete in finals is/are to present their projects before jury on the exact time slot set before, using their own computer with a camera. The project, not being available at the time of jurying and being presented with a computer of which camera is off, shall not be juried.
  •  The selection committee will execute the preliminary and final assessment of the projects in the categories of Environment, Energy, Engineering and Health.
  • Selection committee has the authority to change the category of an applied project and assess this project in new category. Committee decisions and assessments are final. Okyanus Education Foundation has all the copyrights of 11th INSPO and authority to make amendments.
  • The project owners are of all the copyrights of their projects competing in the organization. Project documents shall not be printed, published, copied and exhibited without prior consent of the author(s).
  • INSPO respects the privacy of the participants; so it shall not request and use the personal information of the competitors without their prior consent during all the phases of the competition. The requested personal information and data cannot be used out of their contexts and designated reason, and shared with third parties without the consent of the person, and all the personal data and information are officially deleted in the wake of the organization.
  • Competition results will be sent as emails and released through


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